Mr​ ​Jeremie​ ​Rossignol​ ​VATEL​ ​Director​ ​Attends​ ​SDH​ ​Graduation​ ​2017

Find out more about Mr​ ​Jeremie​ ​Rossignol​'s eventful trip here in Singapore for VATEL-SDH

Mr​ ​Jeremie​ ​Rossignol​ ​VATEL​ ​Director​ ​Attends​ ​SDH​ ​Graduation​ ​2017

Mr Jeremie Rossignol, Director International Network from VATEL Business School, Hotel and Tourism, arrived at Mandarin Orchard Ballroom to attend SDH Graduation Ceremony as well as SDH 10th Anniversary Dinner on 21 August 2017.

Mr Jeremie Rossignol is a 39-year old graduate in law and political sciences, MBA from ESSEC Business School. Jeremie has extensive experience developing and managing companies in the education and real estate fields in Europe and China. He cofounded and managed Hutong School, a global network of Chinese language training centers and internship agencies established in 7 countries, before joining the Vatel Group in 2017 as Director International Network. He is extremely passionate about Asian languages and cultures - and is always on the go to learn different cultures and appreciate the unique goodness of multiculturalism.

During the graduation ceremony, his congratulatory speech left a deep impression on the graduates with his inspiring and motivating speech. "Every challenge is an opportunity for a graduate". While we can't control everything, we can understand it, we can learn, and we can grow from it. We hope Mr Jeremie Rossignol's words gives both current students and graduates encouragement to strive for the best. He also shared a handful of heartwarming anecdotes of his courageous journey to success, and his past as a student himself.

Mr Jeremie Rossignol stayed for a few days in Singapore - holding daily meetings and discussions with SDH Institute’s managing director, Mr Chia Tuck Keong, and the academic team to understand, enhance, and provide feedback on SDH’s pedagogy and curriculum. In these intensive discussion, there were much thoughts in integrating better strategies into classroom settings as well as the management of academic programmes. It was extremely productive and fulfilling for both VATEL and SDH to join forces and collaborate with plethora of great insights from both sides.

This VATEL-SDH partnership creates rewarding opportunities for students to learn from a renowned institution, and have academic support to acquire the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to thrive in a rapidly changing, innovative, and competitive world of hospitality and tourism.