VATEL​ ​Leaders​ ​in​ ​Food​ ​&​ ​Beverage​ ​Operations

What are the important roles of a leader in F&B department? Read on to find out how our students are faring in the Food and Beverage Industry!

VATEL​ ​Leaders​ ​in​ ​Food​ ​&​ ​Beverage​ ​Operations

A career in Food & Beverage Operations is incredibly exciting, dynamic, and fast-paced. It provides aspiring individuals a chance to grow and acquire managerial skills which can be used anywhere in the world, at any location or career points; cruise ships, hotels, casinos, cafes, eateries, bars, and more). In VATEL curriculum we ensure top notch hospitality education and many opportunities for student to get hands-on learning - grooming them to be future leaders in F&B industry.

To be an efficient F&B Manager or team lead is not easy and is riddled with many challenges. A good F&B manager motivates and empowers the team to demonstrate operational excellence with outstanding productivity, as well as efficiency and quality.
Internal communication processes and customer service should be well executed, and to
implement a motivating working environment, and credit a team by providing extra merit to
those who have made a significant, positive impact on operations. Managing and head
spearing a Food & Beverage department also requires one to showcase outstanding ability
in managing and improving KPIs, develop and enhance restaurant concepts, and streamline
important operational processes and leadership of the team.

The most integral for an F&B Team leader is to facilitate good leadership and
communication skills, take the lead, use your initiative, problem solve, mediate, motivate and above all, communicate with your staff on all levels. In addition, this team is responsible for serving F&B with exceptional service to customers, and setting tables. This includes
ensuring that all dishes match the order ticket including modifications and special requests,
and delivering the correct food to the corresponding tables. The team leader must also
encourage everyone to have great and responsive team-player attitude.

We are proud to say that Teo Jing Khang, our alumnus from VATEL Bachelor Degree in
International Hotel Management has recently been promoted and is currently the F&B
Captain of The Market Grill Restaurant, a 4.3 star restaurant. His hard work and
conscientiousness in managing the fast paced restaurant has paid off. Another star student,
Harsh Wadhwani, progressing to VATEL Bachelor degree, is embarking on his industrial
attachment in the F&B department in the prestigious luxurious hotel JW Marriott. 

We wish our students the very best and hope they continue to excel in the F&B industry!

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