Around the tables in Jordan

Restaurant Manager in Amman, Peter Abdel Massih loves his job where he enjoys gastronomy from the entire world.

Around the tables in Jordan

"Out of all types of work in the hospitality industry, I’d say that restaurant services are the place where those who love management and food and wine will feel right at home.” 
Peter Abdel Massih, the Specialty Outlet Manager at Rodeo Grill Restaurant at the Rotana Amman Hotel

Five missions:

  • supervising all restaurant transactions
  • making sure that standards are complied with on a daily basis
  • giving our guests an authentic experience
  • building sustainable relationships with our guests
  • building a team and helping them all to expand their skill sets
  • respecting our restaurant’s monthly and annual budgets
  • striving to give our guests the best possible value for money

The three aspects of your job that you prefer:

  • Being in contact with cultures from the entire world
  • Discovering new dishes and wines
  • Being a part of the luxury world

Three qualities and skills that you need for this job:

  • Patience
  • An eye for details
  • Good communication skills

You won the Vatel International Business Game in 2013: what do you think about this virtual management simulation game?
I’ve got great memories of it, because Vatel students all over the world compete. And of course, because my team won!

What jobs have you had since graduating?

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Registration VIBG - November 2018

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