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Stephanie ROUX

General Manager

Class of 2012

Paris, France Return


A Vatel Nimes 2012 alumnus, Stephanie Roux has been outlining her professional project since her last internship in the low-cost Accor brands, Ibis and Hotel F1.

As soon as she finished this internship, she decided to target low-cost hotel chains for her career. After spending a year at Campanile, today Stephanie is responsible for opening a B&B in Aubenas as the hotel’s General Manager. And she loves it!


What made you want to attend Vatel after a two-year vocational degree in Tourism?

That’s an easy question: you are quickly promoted in this field. I wanted an education that would give me a diploma and where I would be ready to work when I had graduated. And I don’t regret my choice at all!


What internships did you do while you were attending Vatel? What jobs did you have?

I started off with an operational internship in Northern Ireland in the Beech Hill Country House Hotel.  I have great memories of this internship, even though it certainly wasn’t a pleasure cruise. The important thing for me in this internship was to improve my English.

Then I was a multi-site Assistant Manager of Ibis and F1. That allowed me to comprehend how so-called “low-cost” hotel chains are managed. And my professional career project started off there. After I finished school, I knew that I wanted to work in this type of hotel because of the job opportunities.

I’ve got great memories of the time I spent at Vatel. In my opinion, the curriculum is fantastic and it’s also a unique experience in human relationships.

How did you have the opportunity to open a B&B Hotel in Aubenas in April 2014?

As a result of a market study, they found that there were not enough hotel rooms in the Aubenas region. An investor from the central southern part of France seized this opportunity.


How are you preparing the grand opening and your new job as the Hotel Manager?

I’m extremely Zen and I think this is a great opportunity. I’m in charge of coordinating everything linked to the grand opening such as purchasing, communication, recruitment, etc. And let me tell you that I’m looking forward to the day the hotel will open!


Can you tell us a bit about the B&B brand and spirit?

B&B was founded in Brest in 1990. Yes, it’s from Brittany! There are currently more than 260 B&B Hotels in Europe. This is a young and customer-friendly brand that is close to its clients. Communication is highly visual. The brand uses a lot of humoristic slogans for its campaigns.

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